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Math Teacher, Financial Services Representative, Operations Specialist, Mathematics Translator, Instructional Designer, Economist, and Statistician.

Depending on your professional interests, Math & Economics Jobs exist in a number of industries, including education, accounting and finance, nonprofit organizations, government, banking, information technology, and publishing.

Building a website to show skillset and/or promote your LLC so you can take on multiple clients is a great way to make money from multiple sources to decrease risk.

We’ve had many clients find success after adding some information about what they provide and adding hours and contact information; making it easier for their clients to find them and hire them for projects.

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Some items they would use on their website would include, but not be limited to;

  • Building Built In Forms for data entry from current or potential patrons. This could include ticket requests, detailed questions from patrons, detailed questions you need answered or show cost quotes.
  • An Event Calendar would be a great way to set up times with patrons at your locations; while allowing other potential patrons to see your schedule.
  • Skillset listing could help patrons find your business; as well as knowing what you services your business can provide once they find you.
  • The Fully Synced Business Hours Distribution can ensure that when your opening hours change in-house; those hours are updated on all 3rd party maps, apps, GPS and social networks.
  • An Online Map that you add pins to as could show all of your brick and mortar locations as well as any sub-locations you may have. If you have only one, then it showcases the one you have; until you have more that is.
  • Testimonial Section is a great way to show potential patrons that your location is the place to go based on the satisfaction of your past patrons.
  • Team Section is a very good way of showing your potential patrons that you have a solid staff with multiple skills under their belt. Also a great way to put a face to name, which aids a patron’s memory.
  • News Section can be a good way to let patrons know of new products, services and skills added to your location.  Also good for letting patrons know items that may have recalls and that you could replace or repair them.
  • Inventory Search can tie down a potential patron and give your business a leg up over other competing businesses in the area – showing you can deliver what you sell or repair. Take sales away from online national resources!
  • Categorized Online Portfolio can be a good way to let patrons know of custom work your business has done or show before and after shots for repairs.
  • The Fully Synced Menu Distribution can ensure that when your menu or services delivered changes in-house; those prices and goods delivered are updated on all 3rd party maps, apps, GPS and social networks.

What Other10 does for all it’s clients beyond Hosting, Maintenance, Site-Building and Security for client-sites ;


  • Our Monthly Analytics Reports is how Other10 reviews each month where your website visitors come from and how they get there.
  • A Monthly Content Review is when we send an email monthly walking through the content we added for that month and possibly what needs to be added for the next upcoming month.
  • The Location Data Review & Repair service uses Powerlisting technology to distribute to 71 different 3rd party maps, apps, GPS databases and social networks including of course; Google, Facebook, Garmin, Apple Maps and so on.
  • An 3rd Party Review Reports is when we collect your reviews from sites like yelp, google places and so on and go over the reviews with you; good or bad.  If they’re bad, we’ll try to incentivize the reviewer to your business another chance to update the review.
  • Monthly Duplicate Suppression – Other10, being the masters of the internet review all the data out there on the internet about your business and review it for old or duplicate data and suppress it so the search engines don’t post old data like out-dated company hours or old menu listings.

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