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Why You Need a Website For Your Business; No Matter What You Do.

In a website’s bare form, it’s a single domain that consists of multiple web pages. That may sound techie, or not enough for your business; but it’s much more than that. It’s a centralized hub of your business sales, ethics, policies and mission statement. It’s an external source for a potential client or customer to see what makes your business special, what makes you… you.

 A website is highly cost effective. It will never cost as much as running an ad campaign or opening a new brick and mortar location. Yet it can present data to your customers in a way that no social media site can.

 A website is convenient. Does it make more sense to drive around looking for open shops; or just open websites to see hours and services?

 A website adds credibility. By having a website you are giving your business the opportunity to tell your potential customers or clients why they should trust your business. Not only that, but you can back up those testimonials with raw data and facts. But you can also control that data, unlike many social services. (Yet, Other10 can control a good bit of that as well these days)

 A website adds more sales. If you have a store that sells consumer goods; this is an obvious one. But what if you’re a restaurant? You can actually sell gift cards, t-shirts or to-go items from our websites as well. Same goes with services… everything can be sold online. Everything.

 A website is a cost effective high ROI marketing strategy. This one is an obvious one as there are more generations of people consistently online than not in 2016. But Other10 doesn’t just build websites and we don’t just host them either… we control online presence for business. We build solutions that control the flow of data that was once uncontrolled, and shift it in the favor of our clients.

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